What's New in JMeter 3.0 and Q&A
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This on-demand webcast with a noted JMeter expert, opened the floor to the audience for a diverse set of questions about Apache JMeter, the leading open source testing tool, and featured answers with live demonstrations.

It begins with a look at some of the latest changes and improvements in JMeter 3.0, the first major release from the JMeter project team in over a decade. 

The presentation was led by Andrey Pokhilko, founder of JMeter-Plugins.org and a core JMeter contributor. 

View the webcast to:

  • Learn what's new in JMeter 3.0 and how to get started
  • Learn answers to a wide range of JMeter questions
  • Get insider tips from a JMeter contributor and expert about how to get the most value from JMeter for load and performance testing