Automate JMeter and Selenium Tests and  Run Them in Parallel


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Continuous Integration (CI) is considered to be a best practice and is a key element of Agile development methodologies. The idea is for developers to continuously integrate new or modified code into a shared repository and verify it with an automated build. Tests are run continuously, enabling teams to detect errors quickly and easily.

Taurus, an open-source test automation framework, can be a key part of this process to automate open-source testing tools, like JMeter™ for load testing and Selenium for functional testing. Taurus is able to run these tests automatically and in parallel to achieve better test coverage.


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  • Build or import 2 scripts: One for Selenium that automates the browser, one for JMeter for backend performance

  • Run each test locally at first, to ensure it runs well before committing it to a shared repository

  • Use Jenkins to trigger functional & load testing as part of the CI cycle with Taurus/BlazeMeter for Performance Testing and API level Functional Testing

  • Run the load and functional tests in the cloud with BlazeMeter, and view and analyze test results

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