New and Updated BlazeMeter Features for Load, Performance and API Testing


ON-DEMAND WEBCAST (can be viewed at any time)


Register to view this webcast (recorded in May 2018)  that looka at some of the most valuable and recently updated BlazeMeter features that will help you optimize your load, performance and API Testing.


Register for the webcast to learn about:

  • The New Test Create experience (currently in beta):
    • One streamlined flow for any test type
    • API/URL load tests with assertions, chained requests, dynamic variables, file attachments and more
    • Multiple ramp levels with visual feedback
    • Generate load from multiple origins with a few mouse-clicks
    • Run tests for Gatling, The Grinder, Selenium and others as easily as JMeter
  • API Functional Testing your way: interactive UI or write “as code” in Taurus YAML
    • Create assertions; request chaining - use values from a response in a subsequent request;  use templates to speed up test creation; import your Swagger 2 specification to jumpstart test creation, and more
  • Reporting tricks and tips
  • New pricing plans, including  unlimited test runs for a fixed price & unleashed plans for fixed price continuous testing + big tests on demand
  • BlazeMeter Private Cloud option for secure environments, in which  sensitive data stays inside your firewall, while BlazeMeter SaaS app delivers new features without upgrade hassles

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