Continuous Testing for Containerized Applications
On-Demand Webcast
Raziel Tabib
Co-Founder &  CEO
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Brian Matheson
Sr. Sales Engineer 

In recent years, the adoption of containers and microservices has created a fundamental shift in the way people build, package and deploy applications. But there are several challenges when comes to automating the testing of these containerized applications.


 Taurus, an open source automation tool, is a utility that allows you to test any web application using a simple domain specific language, and Codefresh can containerize and test any web application with an easy to use web interface.


This webcast demonstrates  how to use these tools together to allow for rapid build, test, and deployment cycles. View to learn how to

  • Create a Taurus test script for a simple application

  • Add a Docker container to run Taurus

  • Use Codefresh to execute the test and  automate deployments & BlazeMeter to analyze  the results