Learn from Industry Leaders: How to Build Testing Into Your CI Pipeline
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Adding performance tests to your Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline is easier than you might think. In this on-demand webcast, MIT DevOps Engineer Adam Taylor reveals exactly how he added testing to the CI process (Jenkins & Travis CI) and eliminated performance surprises. View the webcast to learn how to: 

  • Run tests that give an accurate representation of performance under load for specific use cases relevant to the application
  • Include performance tests that account for load from other systems on common resources
  • Isolate app components to determine root cause for performance issues
  • Measure the impact of code changes to application performance
  • Include performance test results as a part of the build promotion criteria

After that, BlazeMeter's Director of Professional Services Refael Botbol shows how to run autogenerated tests resulting from production data.

Adam Taylor
DevOps Engineer
Refael Botbol 
Director of Professional Services