How to Orchestrate Continuous Delivery and Performance Test Automation


On-Demand Webcast (Can be viewed at any time) 

Guy Salton
BlazeMeter Domain Expert
CA BlazeMeter
Craig Peters
Director of Product
Marta Benach
Principal Engineering Services Architect
CA Technologies

An ever increasing number of organizations are adopting a software delivery model of Continuous Integration and Delivery, with the goal of faster and more frequent releases. A critical part of making this work is the ability to orchestrate the process from dev to production - including automated performance testing as well.

In this webcast, you'll see how to incorporate performance testing into an automated CI/CD process, by utilizing JFrog Artifactory, CA’s Continuous Delivery Director (CDD), and BlazeMeter.

Watch the webcast and learn how to:

  •  Use CDD to orchestrate the release pipeline with a single, agile point of control
  • Shift-left your performance testing in your delivery cycle, with the benefits of scalability, distributed testing, and real-time and comprehensive test results with BlazeMeter
  • Integrate the CDD project with JFrog Artifactory, allowing you to track artifact packages for audit and reference purposes
  • Automatically trigger a release execution when new artifacts are ready