Load Testing for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Any Peak Traffic Period


ON-DEMAND WEBCAST (can be viewed at any time)


Peak online traffic events -  like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day or a major product launch represent both great opportunity and great peril.  You can tilt the odds in your favor by running large-scale load tests ahead of big events to find and remove bottlenecks. With increased competition and high customer expectations, it's critical that you know ahead of time that your web and mobile apps can support the increased activity. Slowdowns, downtime and surprises that send your customers to your competition are NOT an option and can be prevented by fixing issues before the big traffic arrives.

View this webcast to learn hands-on, practical ways to prepare for and execute peak readiness tests. We will demonstrate how to leverage BlazeMeter and leading APMs to run highly scalable load tests, monitor performance, and receive easy-to-analyze test results. View to learn

  • Scripting tips & adjusting a script to easily toggle on/off 3rd party components
  • How to leverage dynamic control of the load during a test
  • Identifying key bottlenecks and performance issues with BlazeMeter and leading APM tools
  • Success Stories of companies that tested & excelled at the moment of truth