How to Prepare your Website for Open Enrollment 


ON-DEMAND WEBCAST  (Can be viewed at anytime)

During peak online traffic events such as Open Enrollment, it's critical to plan ahead of time and ensure your web and mobile apps can support the increased visitor activity.

By running large-scale load tests on your website ahead of Open Enrollment, you can easily save resources, by finding and removing bottlenecks in time. Slowdowns or downtime can frustrate customers and drive them away. This can be effectively prevented by early planning to fix issues before the big traffic arrives.

Watch this in-depth webcast to see how to optimize  your website preparation ahead of Open Enrollment, including best practices and action plans to prepare for and execute peak readiness tests. We'll explain how to plan and implement your website load testing, by leveraging CA BlazeMeter to run highly scalable load tests, monitor performance and receive easy-to-analyze test results.


You'll learn:

  • Load testing strategies for the health insurance industry
  • Tips for identifying key bottlenecks and performance issues with BlazeMeter and leading APM tools
  • Script planning, scripting tips & adjusting a script
  • Success Stories of companies that tested & excelled at the moment of truth
  • Shift left: how to improve your overall website performance with agile continuous testing