How to Create Advanced Load Testing Scenarios with JMeter
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 Level = Intermediate/Advanced
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Sending traffic to your site to see how it responds is one thing - creating realistic load scenarios is quite another.

Realistic traffic profiles are sophisticated. They include managing individual sessions and user journeys, the distribution of load across various app functions, and the fluctuating pace in which users interact with the app or website.

Fortunately, JMeter features many of these advanced capabilities. In this on-demand webcast, we take a deeper look at how JMeter can help you create realistic load against your site so you know it can handle real life situations. The webcast covers:

  • How to use JMeter Controllers for advanced management of user behavior
  • Understanding dynamic correlation for session-state management throughout the load test
  • How to use JMeter timers to enhance activity pacing
  • Going the next level with JMeter Plugins and Groovy Script