Best Practices for Creating & Running Performance Tests
On-Demand Webcast (can be viewed at any time)

Your customers have high expectations for the speed and performance of your website and applications. It goes without saying that performance failure is not an option. By testing early, and often, you can easily save resources by identifying and fixing failures before a peak load is expected.

Watch the webcast to discover best practices and hands-on tools for preparing, creating and running performance tests.


You'll learn:

  • Load testing strategies including how to identify key bottlenecks, and ways to fix them before it's too late
  • When and how to run your load test, including script planning, calibrating your test, and defining KPIs
  • Live demo of how to run a high-scale test up to 2 million virtual users
  • How to enhance collaboration with teams with real-time reports 
  • Shift left: how to improve your overall website performance with agile continuous testing