Creating and Running GUI Functional Tests with Selenium and BlazeMeter
On-Demand Webcast (Can be viewed at anytime)


In order to deliver five-star customer experience and business success, it's important that you test your app continuously. BlazeMeter can help with that. Starting from test script creation and ending by integration of scripts to CI/CD pipeline and analyzing tests run reports.

Watch this in-depth session and demo as we show you how to create and run GUI functional tests with BlazeMeter or how to use our platform for your existing Selenium tests execution.

The webcast covers:

  • How to use your existing Selenium scripts and run them in BlazeMeter as part of your CI/CD pipeline
  • Automating GUI functional tests with no coding necessary using the BlazeMeter Chrome extension to record all of the HTTP/S requests and Selenium commands that your browser sends at the same time.
  • How to integrate with CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, TeamCity and more, for complete agility to run and analyze automated testing of websites, APIs and GUI within minutes.