Extending your Jenkins pipeline to production
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An ever increasing number of organizations are adopting a software delivery model of Continuous Integration and Delivery, with the goal of faster and more frequent releases. A critical part of making this work is the ability to orchestrate the process from development to production.

The practice of continuous testing is designed to execute automated tests as part of software delivery pipelines. Embedding automated tests within continuous delivery pipelines drives feedback to developers and the line of business. Simple pipelines are not enough. To scale continuous delivery you need an intelligent pipeline.

Watch the in-depth session on how to leverage AI into your CI/CD pipeline and test orchestration toolchain using Jenkins, BlazeMeter and Continuous Delivery Director (CDD).

The webcast covers:

  • Overview of Jenkins and intelligent test orchestration, including how to kick off a build in Jenkins, and start a new release process in CDD
  • How to shift-left your performance testing in your delivery cycle, with the benefits of scalability, distributed testing, and real-time and comprehensive test results with BlazeMeter
  • How to use the power of AI to optimize and execute tests in development and production phases