How to Handle Correlation with the JMeter Correlation Recorder Plugin

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Correlation is a critical process during scripting. if we don't do it correctly - then the testing scripts will become useless. If a dynamic value is recorded and then run in the test iterations, the test will fail. This happens because it is not consistent with the one the server was expecting to perform the flow.


Watch our session to learn about the Apache JMeter™ Correlation Recorder plugin which lets you record the dynamic variables and automatically correlate them during the recording time, instead of having to manually apply correlations to each request and response. 


We'll Cover:

  • An overview of correlation and best practices for handling with JMeter and BlazeMeter
  • Creating Correlation Rules
  • How to simplify testing for applications with dynamic values by creating, loading and sharing correlation templates
  • Tips for making the correlation process quicker and easier for QA engineers and developers