How to Load Test for a Successful and Lucrative Black Friday or Peak Traffic Event
On-Demand Webcast (available at any time)

Every year, websites whose owners did not prepare for Black Friday or a seasonal traffic event, crash.


Not only does the average downtime cost $300K an hour, but poor performance hurts your brand and will drive buyers to competitor sites that did test for high-peak traffic, on time. Customers will go where the experience is seamless and fun. Once they’re gone, who knows if they’ll come back.


Watch our webinar to learn hands-on, practical ways to prepare for and execute peak readiness tests and how to get your site ready for high traffic loads.


You'll Learn:

  • How to create and run tests in minutes using existing scripts or new ones in JMeter or other open source load testing tools
  • Best load and performance testing practices on how to ensure a seamless customer experience, even under extreme loads.
  • See how to test your front end under load in the cloud, and scale up to 2 million virtual users
  • How to access and share insightful real-time analytics across teams to find and fix bottlenecks quicker