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How to move from LoadRunner to Open Source Testing Tools and BlazeMeter in Minutes
On-Demand Webcast (Available Anytime)

Legacy tools can take a long time to set up & maintain, and have limited, expensive licensing that is locked down to hardware, so testing is limited. They also require highly-specialized teams to perform all scripting and execution.

Over the last few years, there has been a sharp rise of open source alternatives to Micro Focus LoadRunner and other legacy performance tools, such as Apache JMeter™, Selenium, and Taurus.

In this Agile age, developers are looking to use easy-to-adopt tools that allow them to test from the IDE and CLI , allow reusing of scripts, and don’t restrict on licensing - all which save time, maintenance and costs.

Join us for an in-depth session and demo on how to get more testing done earlier by shifting left with open-source tools.


You'll Learn:

  • How to automatically convert your LoadRunner VuGen or TruClient scripts to JMeter, Taurus, and Selenium in minimum time
  • How to convert from your enterprise environment, behind the firewall.
  • How to test any API or app in minutes - with no hardware, no software, and no setup
  • How to run highly-scalable tests from behind the firewall, or from the Cloud
  • How to collaborate with teams with real-time shareable reporting highlighting KPIs, performance metrics, End-User experience, and more