Mock Services in the Continuous Testing Toolchain
On-Demand Webcast (Can be viewed any time)

Shift left testing means testing at the API and component level, but dependencies can make that goal difficult to achieve. Often, services you need to test against are either still in development, cost money to hit (3rd party services) or are simply not available, which can be a bottleneck in your testing process.

This is where BlazeMeter Mock Services can help. Mock Services allow you to virtualize systems with real-world behavior even if they are unavailable.

Watch an in-depth session to learn how to use Mock Services to eliminate environment dependencies and get your testing to the next level.


You'll Learn:

  • Mock Services and their importance for your development and testing
  • Live Demo of transactions to running Mock Services
  • How to make BlazeMeter tests aware of Mock Services required
  • Mock Services in code – the ultimate solution for developers
  • How to combine Mock Services with the power of Service Virtualization