Introducing BlazeData: Build Test Data On-the-Fly

On-Demand Webcast 


Test data is key for every test. The higher quality and variety of data, the more comprehensive testing and coverage. Yet, in the life of a tester and developer, there are often challenges of needing to use data that is not accessible. Not to mention compliance issues if dealing with live data such as credit card or social security numbers.

Now you can make your tests and test scenarios more robust and comprehensive than ever before.
We’re excited to introduce BlazeData, where users of all skill levels can quickly and synthetically generate data for any UI Functional Scriptless test

Watch the session to see:

  • Overview and live demo of BlazeData
  • How to easily define, maintain and get desired test data for your tests.
  • Best practices for keeping test data under the control across your test environment and its components.
  • Driving tests with synthetically generated data, including 50+ data functions available to define test data that support test scenario needs.
  • Augmenting existing static CSV data sets and built-in iterations preview