Shift-Left Continuous Testing for the Enterprise: Introducing the BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform
On-Demand Webcast (can be viewed at anytime)

Companies want the ability to release better apps faster, but ensuring quality end-user customer experience is still a challenge. Instead, teams need to make sure they are validating and ensuring performance at every part of the software delivery cycle.


Enter BlazeMeter’s Continuous Testing Platform, the first unified shift-left, SaaS solution for continuous testing. Built on the industry-leading load and performance capabilities of BlazeMeter, the full platform now includes UI functional testing, API testing and monitoring, and virtual (mock) services.


Watch our in-depth session and demo for a first peek to see what's new with BlazeMeter. 


You'll Learn:

  • Best practices for saving time and resources to simplify test creation and maintenance
  • How to virtualize and test all parts of your system even if you don't have access to the full environment
  • How to ensure five star customer experience, even under extreme loads. See how to test your front end under load in the cloud, and scale up to 2 million virtual users
  • Best practices for ultimate collaboration across teams and across the toolchain
  • How to ensure continuous validation pre and post production with 360° API Testing and Monitoring
  • Ways to empower developers to use the tools they want, with support for 20+ open source tools, at enterprise scale