Is Jenkins Enough for CI/CD Efficiency?
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Effective orchestration across the CI/CD pipeline can increase release efficiency by 90% or more. And while Jenkins is ideal for CI - it can be cumbersome when managing multiple pipelines, in varying stages, across the enterprise.


In this webinar, we’ll look at some of the key challenges around the use of Jenkins for enterprise CD, and the benefits of enterprise-grade release and test orchestration in the CI/CD pipeline.


We'll Cover:

  • Key challenges using Jenkins for complex CD pipelines, and how these may be addressed by enterprise CD solutions
  • How to bring teams together in a single source of truth.
  • Effectively manage multiple, concurrent, complex releases.
  • Easily handle conflicts and dependencies.
  • Know what’s in every release, and the business impact of delays.
  • Streamline handoffs, optimize and automate for the most impact.
  • Use AI to automatically select and prioritize tests according to what’s in the pipeline.
  • Shift quality left, and right, for greater throughput and quality.

Your Presenters:


Shamim Ahmed


Shamim Ahmed, CTO for DevOps, Broadcom


Justin Springer


Justin Springer, Advisor, DevOps, Broadcom