JMeter Crash Course: Creating and running your first load tests at scale
On-Demand Webcast (Can be viewed at anytime)


Apache JMeter is the leading open-source load and performance testing tool, which tests the scale of servers and networks, and analyzes overall performance by simulating heavy loads.

If you’re new to JMeter, see how to get started in this 60 min-crash course as we cover creating your first JMeter script and how to easily run load tests at scale in the cloud.

You’ll Learn:

  • JMeter installation and creating your first script
  • Basic elements such as thread groups, samplers, listeners, and timers
  • Error Checking - how to add error checking (assertions) to your JMeter script
  • Using Dynamic Data from a CSV File
  • How to use BlazeMeter to scale JMeter tests from 100 users to more than 1,000,000 using realistic user scenarios and multiple geo-locations
  • Using BlazeMeter’s real-time reporting and comprehensive graphs to find bottlenecks more quickly