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Delivering faster with quality depends on shift-left, continuous testing. But change is hard. Teams on both sides - developers and traditional QA - can be resistant.


Which applications and technologies will help you drive adoption and culture change throughout your technical teams? Is it best to go "all in" or operate in a hybrid model that relies on traditional QA coupled with shift-left testing? 

Hear Zibis Group's Peter Budden and Stephen Feloney, Head of Product Management for Broadcom DevOps as they discuss how to enable “shift left” testing across the organization and transform your testing center of excellence for agile and continuous delivery.

We’ll Cover:

  • An evaluation of the use of legacy tools versus open source tools
  • Real-world examples, key considerations, and differences to your testing strategies.
  • How to rapidly analyze results and shorten the feedback loop
  • Integrating tests into existing CI/CD build pipelines
  • Ways to scale quickly to meet changes in demand
  • Releasing quality applications with confidence

Your Presenters:


Stephen Feloney

Stephen Feloney

Stephen is Head of Products for the DevOps Business Unit at Broadcom. Prior to this role, for the last 11 years, Stephen has been in Product Management, focused on enterprise software, at various companies spanning from the very large, like HP, to startups. Before product management, Stephen spent 12+ years a software engineer. Stephen holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University.


Peter ZibisPeter Budden

As an expert in Agile software methods and Digital Transformation, Peter has 15 years experience in software delivery and quality assurance, successfully setting up and leading testing teams at firms of every size and scale from $750m projects at Tier 1 Global Telcos to startups on their journey to market.