Load Testing Tips to Stop Your Site or App from Crashing
On-Demand Webcast (can be viewed at anytime)


As COVID-19 is shifting the world online, it goes without saying that it’s even more important that your site and app won’t crash under a high load. As digital traffic is increasing, you need to ensure customers get the best experience, especially in times of high demand.

Poor performance will hurt your brand. Not only will 47% of visitors leave to a competitor if your site crashes, you also risk losing up to $5600 for every minute your site is down. Website failure is not an option.

Watch our webcast on how you can ensure your website or app won’t fail during high loads and peak traffic events. You'll hear about the key mistakes that lead to outages and learn how to avoid them to prevent your site or app from crashing by using open-source based tools and BlazeMeter Continuous Testing platform.


You'll Learn:

  • Best practices for accurately identifying your critical points
  • How to create and run performance tests in minutes using JMeter or other open source load testing tools
  • Scriptless performance and GUI functional testing using the BlazeMeter chrome extension recorder
  • How to scale up to 2 million virtual users, track and analyze end user performance
  • Real-time reporting and troubleshooting tips
  • Use cases and demo