How to ensure your site or app can handle high traffic
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During peak traffic events such as Black Friday, Open Enrollment, elections, or more, it's critical to ensure that your site or app can handle the increased visitor activity. 


You don't want to wait for your website to crash and lose customers. Now is the time to plan ahead and run performance tests on your website or app to make sure they can handle the high traffic. 


Learn how to run high-scale performance tests in minutes, including load testing best practices to ensure your website or app won't fail during high loads.


We'll Cover:

  • Tips to test smart, instead of big. Get best practices for what types of tests to run and how to make them scalable. 
  • Getting set up in minutes using BlazeMeter, JMeter or other open source load testing tools
  • How to easily scale your test to 1,000s or 1,000,000s of VUs from different geo-locations, including how to track end-user performance
  • Real-time reporting and troubleshooting tips