Continuous Testing for the Mainframe: Recording Mainframe Scenarios with JMeter
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Mainframe and the applications that run on it are central to IT operations for the majority of enterprise companies. While mainframe isn't going away any time soon, they require developers and testers with high levels of expertise to run them, often resulting in lengthy release cycles and testing bottlenecks.


The JMeter plugin to support RTE (Remote Terminal Emulation) protocols has now been updated by providing a recorder for automatic test plan creation, and config and sampler for protocol interactions. 


The recorder allows you to interact with a mainframe application as you usually do with a terminal emulator, and record every interaction with the mainframe application as a test plan which can later on be used for functional or load testing.


You'll Learn:

  • An overview of how to introduce continuous testing into your mainframe development to be more agile, and build better code faster
  • Watch a demo of the Apache JMeter™ RTE plugin for mainframe: See how to record an RTE scenario as a real user's session including adding assertions, and naming transactions
  • Running a script locally via JMeter and in the cloud using BlazeMeter 
  • How to run functional and performance tests in BlazeMeter and benefit from scalability, distributed testing, and real-time and comprehensive test results