Automating Performance Tuning with Continuous Testing and Machine Learning
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Continuous performance testing combines the concepts of continuous testing and performance testing to ensure that performance issues are discovered and fixed quickly.
When combining continuous performance testing with automated performance tuning, performance issues can be mitigated and even solved in-place without further engineering effort.

Join our in-depth session with guest host Concertio where we’ll discuss and demo the integration of automated load testing using BlazeMeter and automated performance tuning using Concertio.


Using the combined platform, we'll demo how to automate the process of tuning parameters of a production Django SaaS product that is deployed on Kubernetes. We will also discuss the considerations behind shifting performance testing and tuning left or right.

You'll Learn:

  • The concepts behind combining performance testing and performance tuning
  • The considerations of shifting performance testing and tuning left or right
  • How to leverage machine learning for automatic optimization using Concertio's Optimizer Studio
  • Demo of automatically optimizing a SaaS product hosted on Google's Kubernetes Engine using BlazeMeter's hosted JMeter and Concertio's Optimizer Studio