BlazeMeter 2021 Roadmap Session: What's New & What's Coming

On-Demand Webcast (can be viewed at anytime)


One thing we learned from 2020 is that things change.

So, we've been busy working on unleashing new features to help you deliver quality while adapting fast to changes in upcoming year. 


Watch our interactive session for a sneak peek with our product management team to learn about BlazeMeter's future and recent product enhancements and releases all rolled into one-single continuous testing platform. 


We'll Cover:

  • The latest BlazeMeter features and what's in store for 2021 
  • Using your favorite open source tools with BlazeMeter for enterprise scale and security 
  • How to remove barriers to test early & often, as well as address all the needs of complex E2E test
  • How BlazeMeter can help agile teams and CoEs collaborate and deliver as one 

Your Presenters:




Klaus Neuhold - Head Of Product Management at BlazeMeter





Bryan Whitmarsh - Sr. Director Product Management