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Report: Lessons in Democratizing Performance Testing Early For Teams

This report evaluates key aspects of traditional on-premises test suites and those that use a SaaS model from the perspective of a team moving towards agile CI/CD methods; specifically, between Micro FocusLoadRunner Pro/Enterprise (i.e. traditional/legacy on-prem) and BlazeMeter (i.e. SaaS).


Delivering faster with quality depends on shift-left, continuous testing. But change is hard. Teams on both sides - developers and traditional QA - can be resistant. Leaders must review and select toolsets that provide teams the capabilities needed for rapid innovation. By doing so, leadership can set a technology strategy that delivers the high quality and fast changing software needed to meet the challenges of digital businesses.


An evaluation of the use of legacy tools versus open source tools


Real-world examples, key considerations, and differences to your testing strategies.


Ways to scale quickly to meet changes in demand, and more...